/ˈledərd/•/hōm/ 📓

let•tered formally educated, learned, academic, educated, well read, intellectual, enlightened, cultured, scholarly, bookish, studious

hom residence, house, apartment, flat, bungalow, cottage, accommodations, quarters, rooms; the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family

Our home decor business started fifteen years ago in and on the walls of our own home. Using an industrial vinyl machine, we added inspirational quotes and scriptures to our walls to inspire our four children to reach for their potential. Soon, friends and family saw what we were doing and wanted the same for their homes. We began putting lettering on multiple mediums, often customized with family names, marriage dates, birth dates, etc. to personalize each order.


A small family business was born.


In the early years, before smartphones, Instagram or hashtags, our home was our canvas and main marketing tool. Open houses in our home were the main marketing tool we used to share what we did. So much so, that when we sold that home, we learned the buyers referred to it as ‘the writing on the walls’ home.

After building our business, a life and a family for nearly 20 years in the Seattle area, life took a major fork in the road and we landed in a small southern town in South Carolina. Can you say ‘culture shock’? However, that unexpected change gained us experience we would have had no other way. When our younger children landed in a Title I school, and mom substitute taught in the school district, our eyes were opened to a very real need. There are children, in this country, that do not touch a book until they enter the public school system. Most do not own a book, ever. The school itself was desperate for books, as most teachers were spending their own money trying to stock their classroom libraries. Our family was able to secure 2500 books for the local elementary school where our youngest attended. They were beyond grateful and a passion to help support literacy was born in us.


Now that we know what we know, we feel Bound to Give, to do what we can to help eradicate this problem. Please join us!  A Lettered Home, donates proceeds from sales of its products towards literacy programs.

bound to give