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Bookish Things to do During Covidcaptivity

'Buy a book from a local indie bookstore.'

Times are tough for small businesses. And they will probably get tougher. One of the first things I did when the stay at home orders started rolling in was to make a purchase from my dear friend Susanne at Sassafras on Sutton. Do I need more books? Heck no. Do I have enough books on my shelves to last me far beyond our current state of Covidcaptivity? Absolutely. But that's not what this is about.

Sassafras is a beautiful bookstore in Black Mountain, NC and they, like many, had to close their doors and lay off their staff when these orders came down. They can still ship books though! So please, consider making a purchase today. You can find her and any book you want at

'Attend an online book club, book chat, or stay at home book tour.'

So many folks are working so hard to make this time more comfortable and bearable. There are some silver linings coming out of this weird time in history. Many events are now online accessible that, had the world not gone crazy, you would have had to be there in person to enjoy. Many authors that had books launching in the early weeks of spring had to cancel full schedules of events and appearances. To fill some of that gap, Anne Bogel of the What Should I Read Next Podcast, has put together this Stay At Home Book Tour. One week is already complete but great news! All the author book talks were recorded and are available to watch AND there is another week scheduled to begin April 6th!! To watch the episodes that have already broadcast and for next week's line up, go here.

(PS The book above that I purchased from my indie bookstore friend was a must have after attending the very first author book talk, couldn't wait to get my hands on it, see if you don't feel the same way! Listening to the author talk about her research, method, interaction with the main character's family members was so fulfilling).

'Subscribe to (or catch up on) a great bookish podcast.'

As already mentioned, What Should I Read Next Podcast is a great place to start. The host has a great method where she asks readers to share three books they love, one book that didn't work for them and what they are currently reading. She then recommends three books for them to add to their TBR (book lingo for To Be Read list), totally on the fly. It's like being a fly on the wall while good friends talk books.

Some others podcasts you might like:

Inside the Writer's Workshop

Hosted by New York Times bestselling author Charlie Lovett talks with writers about their lives, their craft, their business, and their latest work. Last week's episode was with Erik Larson, one of my favorite authors who has a brand new book out, another that I can't wait to get my hands on!

Behind the Scenes of Becoming Mrs. Lewis

Did I mention I was really taken by the first episode of the Stay at Home Book Tour? Author Patti Callahan was memorizing as she talked about how her book, Becoming Mrs. Lewis came to be. I was of course, thrilled to learn that she hosts a podcast that goes into all kinds of detail on this fascinating woman who became Mrs. C.S. Lewis.


This podcasts transports us into the world of classic literature—but with a twist. Weiser features books that are difficult reads but tells them in a modern, conversational voice that’s easy for modern ears to follow. Whether you’re already a fan of Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, or if you’ve had difficulty getting comfortable with these texts, this podcast brings new life to classic stories. Although they are no longer recording new podcasts, the 3 seasons they already have recorded will keep you busy for several covidcaptivity hours.

'Give your hands something to do while you listen to all this bookish goodness.'

As much as I love all the things that are available to us in this age of technology, I still get antsy if I'm not doing something while I listen. Of course, a good long walk is always a good option, especially during these times, getting fresh air is more important than ever right now. I also find it very therapeutic (another thing we need right now) to create, even if it's something simple. I made a few bookmarks while listening to an audio book today. Find the instructions I followed right here.

Jeanne Oliver is an amazing artist that I have been following for years. She has tons of free online courses that will give you hours of hands-on creativity to fill your heart and settle your soul during these trying times. Some of her bookish courses include handmade journals and text marking, both available for free.

Check out these courses that are designed for kids (hosted by Jeanne's cute daughter Madolyn) but fit the bill to keep your hands busy while your mind focuses on what you're listening to.

Books and all things book related have always calmed my spirit and settled my soul. I hope this list helps do the same for you.

Happy reading (listening, walking, creating...surviving covidcaptivity).

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