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Don't Look Back You're Not Going That Way

'It was born out of an effort to heal.'

Six months ago today we launched A Lettered Home.

With the recent turmoil the world has been thrown into, we feel a tug to share more of our story and what A Lettered Home was born out of. Perhaps it will help others navigate this new place we all find ourselves in.

We launched without much backstory other than we enjoy helping others create a home they love, with minimal effort at great prices.

However, it is much more than that. It was born out of an effort to heal.

'...many people find themselves in the same place. Grieving what was. Grieving the life once taken for granted.'

In 2015 we were living the good life. We lived in a beautiful area where we were raising our family of 6. It was near the area I grew up in, near my parents and siblings. We settled there shortly after we married and had lived there for nearly 20 years. Our roots were deep and wide.

By early 2016 my husband and I had both lost our jobs forcing a move across the country. In addition to 20 years of rootedness gone, we also left our eldest two who were at university. Everything we’d ever known and loved was now 3000 miles away.

We were surprised by the depth of our sorrow. No one had died. We hadn’t lost all our possessions. Yet the grief was real. Palpable.

Though the situation is different, many people now find themselves in this same place. Grieving what was. Grieving the life once taken for granted.

Our healing was found in books, in scripture, in prayer, in finding new community, in finding a new normal. Many of the items we offer in our shop are a reflection of this healing. Tidbits of inspiration that came at times we needed them.

'...I realized in that moment that I needed to take courage.'

We hope that by sharing some of the stories of our healing from over the last few years, that others may find healing too.

We start today with this nugget (pictured). We traveled a lot when we first moved. Being in a new area of the country we were eager to explore but it also was balm to the heart as it kept our minds off our new situation. We traveled to a history site where the guides shared the history of a people that had endured much hardship and were driven from their homes in harsh conditions. The guide said, ‘But they didn’t look back, they weren’t going that way. They looked to the future.’ 

Her comment pierced me. I was still grieving so much for home, I just longed to go back. I realized in that moment I needed to take courage, and like these brave people, look ahead instead of back and find a way forward.

We hope this helps you take heart. Maybe you are looking for a way to move forward due to changes brought by coronovirus or maybe you’re dealing with a situation that was around long before we ever knew the word. Whatever your situation, we hope this helps you make a decision today that helps you look to the future. Even if it’s just a promise to yourself that you’ll stop looking back.

♥️ With much love. -ALH

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