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Natural light is energy that settles the soul

A gift from mother nature that really adds to our space that we are working to create is natural light. Natural light is energy that settles the soul. It is the best light for our spaces and for this reason I use very light weight fabrics and colors on all my windows. We get some really intense thunderstorms down here and a couple weeks ago I realized the windows were filthy with the aftereffects of several of them [including hurricanes] we had this winter. I always put off windows but they were BAD, so I enlisted the help of the family and we had them done in no time, inside and out. A trick I learned years ago from a friend who cleaned homes professionally----newspaper. They do not leave streaks or lint on the glass. We used regular old Windex but vinegar and water work well too, you can get tips here. And don't wait for a sunny day, it is actually better to clean windows on cloudy days, that way the solution will not dry and leave streaks before you can get it wiped off.

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