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Your Home is Your Storybook; Its Walls are Your Pages


The quickest way to make your home your own.

If you have ever put your home on the market, you probably know what the agent tells you. Take down everything that 'personalizes' your home. Family pictures, unique decor, that hand-colored drawing from your grandchild off the fridge. They want you to 'de-personalize' the house so that people walking through it can picture themselves in the space. So, by reverse, the quickest way to make your home your own--personalize it.

“Every home has a story to tell.”

Your home is your storybook and your walls are the pages. This imagery is so vivid, we decided to make it the tagline for our company. Let A Lettered Home be your pen. Every home has a story to tell. Make your walls speak. Tell of the people who reside there, the love that is shared there--mark the years that go by there. We can take any picture or jpg file you send us (high resolution) and create a flat canvas from it for you to personalize your home.

Flat Canvas Wall Art from A Lettered Home can "make it speak."

The best part--we do not charge you more to personalize. Our personalized products do not carry a surcharge. Do you have something in mind that you don't see in the store? We have a graphic designer in-house who will be happy to create any design you desire. No design fee. Your piece will be charged for the size only. Again, giving you the permission, inspiration and tools you need to write your home's story. Just hit the shop button on our home page.

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